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Our Story

Light of Love began in May 2017 to fight on behalf of people without hope. God gave us the passion to see the unseen, and embrace the forgotten, and love them without limits. Our hearts break for those with few options in life. We desire to be used as God's instrument of compassion to those who have felt rejected, abused, and reprehensible. We want to reach the lost by going places that most people would avoid and letting people know there is a God who loves them. As long as there is breath in your lungs - there is hope for a brighter future.

Through industry outreach, continuing relationships, and Bible studies, Light of Love endeavors to embody the truth of a loving God to people in the commercial sex industry and to be agents of reconciliation between the industry and the wider Church. Our vision is for every person in the commercial sex industry to encounter the love of God and grow in their identity and purpose. At Light of Love, we strive to display and declare the incarnate love of Jesus. We want to help mend the broken and strained relationships with God by forming non-judgemental relationships with people and walking alongside them right where they are as the Holy Spirit works in their lives. 

Meet the Founder


Growing up in a low-income single-parent household, I held onto dreams of greatness despite limited resources. At 15, I fled abuse, determined to graduate and carve a better life. Working two jobs while still in school, I struggled to make ends meet. At 18, a friend introduced me to the strip club scene as a means of support. What seemed like a solution spiraled into addiction and desperation.


For 15 years, I lived on the streets, trapped in a cycle of substance abuse and risky behavior. But on October 13, 2016, God answered my cry for help, saving me and setting me on a path of healing. With the support of a loving church community, I found hope and purpose. In May 2017, God inspired me to start a ministry for the hopeless and rejected. I'm driven by a passion to love the unlovable, see the unseen, and embrace the forgotten.


Today, I share my story, mentoring women globally and serving in ministry roles. I invite you to join me in prayer and support as I spread God's transformative power. Together, let's bring hope and healing to those who need it most. Thank you for partnering with me on this journey of faith.

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