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Light of Love operates as a nonprofit organization under the covering of Awakening Church. Your generous donations to Light of Love are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting our mission to bring hope and healing to individuals through our ministry.

General Fund

Each outreach we undertake necessitates various supplies. These items are instrumental in providing support and meeting individuals at their point of need, with the overarching aim of conveying the message that they are seen, loved, and embraced by us and by Jesus.

Amazon  Wishlist

At Light of Love, every outreach initiative demands a range of supplies. These resources are essential in our mission to support and connect with individuals at their current stage in life. Our goal is to instill within them a profound realization that they are seen, loved, and embraced by both us and by Jesus.

Exxxotica Expo

Light of Love participates in four of the largest national porn conventions in America with the message that Jesus Loves Sex Workers. Through this initiative, we reach over 100,000 individuals in the commercial sex industry, sharing the message of Jesus' love and compassion. Our annual budget for this outreach is $25,000.

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