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  • Faith Casey

Working for the Kingdom of God

When I flew into Vegas this time, I was triggered by memories from my past that began flooding my mind. The last time I was in Vegas was highly traumatic.

I was 21 years old and new to the life of prostitution. It seemed glamorous, and I was in awe of feeling and acting like a celebrity. But it only lasted a moment before I saw “behind the scenes” of this lifestyle… for the first time, I saw the reality of the evil and darkness ahead of me. Unfortunately, at that time, I was already too deep in the game, and it took ten long years before I could get out.

BUT GOD was writing a different story for my life. It was a plan of redemption and grace. For 13 years, I was a slave to the sex industry. This week I got to return to Vegas, but I wasn’t there working in the clubs this time. I was there working for the Kingdom of God! God has called me to work with women in the sex industry to display His love and declare the gospel. I was in Vegas to plan, build, and create the next steps for Light of Love.

Please continue to pray and financially support this work. Your support is an integral part of rescuing girls in the Seattle area.

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