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Rescued to Rescue

Over the past several months, many changes and expansions have happened with Light of Love. We are excited to tell you about one of the many additions to our team and ministry. Candice is a woman we began working with through a class that we teach to women coming out of the bondage of human trafficking. We call this our Survivor Support Group, and many of the women in this class have gone through an immense healing journey and are feeling God's call on their life to reach out and help women who are in a situation like they once were. At Light of Love, it is prudent to equip those around us with the tools and resources to engage this issue. Our heart is to build up the next generation of leaders and warriors for the Kingdom. Therefore, we have created an internship program to train and equip individuals who want to engage in the issue of human trafficking.

Here is a brief testimony from Candice:

"As a child, I knew I was different, special; you could say chosen. I was set apart. I grew up in a family that was given a different interpretation of how to love. So It was no wonder that at 14, I met a guy in high school and fell hopelessly in love with him. He had my whole heart. It was easy and fulfilling to long for him instead of feeling the feelings of my earthly father leaving home time and time again. I continued seeing this guy throughout the years, eager to do anything in my power to please him. So eventually, that mindset led me to start selling my body for money. To mask the pain of feeling like I had completely let myself down, I started using opiates and drinking heavily. Using drugs and alcohol was the key to covering up what my heart could no longer bear. Me selling my body on Aurora was a daily thing for a while. Until the guy that I had met went to prison for five years. I was now on my own. I continued to sell my body, but I did it alone this time, and all of the money was mine. I had more money to feed my drug habit that now had progressed into heroin and eventually combined with meth. That had brought me to the point of complete surrender. I got into detox, and after that, I got into treatment, where I found the love of the Father. I had found a church family that completely embraced all of me. I got aptized and dedicated my entire life to Christ and His purpose. I am encouraged every day by the Holy Spirit to continue fighting for myself and the beautiful people still caught up in "the life." I am continuing to heal and committed to progress, not perfection. I am a walking miracle! I now know that certain things in my life had to happen for me to grasp a certain kind of reality that exists in our world today. When I heard about Light of Love and what they do to serve and restore hope to the sex industry in Seattle, I couldn't help but want to be involved, so I was offered an internship position. We do weekly outreach to those still in "the life." We get to bring ladies working the track, water, and supplies, and most importantly, we get to share the gospel, the truth about Jesus Christ. I am blessed to be able to establish loving relationships with a team of leaders that walk alongside Jesus." -Candice Ashby Click here to financially support the ongoing work of Light of Love in the sex industry.

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