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  • Faith Casey

Not Today Satan

ow and again, we get to witness a powerful move of God. Well, tonight was one of those nights. We were in the club doing our regular outreach and checking in with friends. While visiting with the DJ, he played a familiar song that I remember hearing in high school. As I commented on the song, he chuckled that I knew the song and asked me if I was a fan of the artist 50 Cent. I told him the song had brought me back. He continued the conversation by asking if there was such a thing as Christian rap music. I was excited that he would inquire about Christian music! I told him there were some great Christian rap songs, but before I could continue, he stopped me by saying, “I could never play Christian music in this place. It would burn to the ground.” We continued a casual conversation about some of his artwork and paintings that he had hanging in the booth, and I walked away so he could stay on task with announcing the girls to go on stage.

After about 5 minutes, a song came on with many “f-bombs” and “n-words.” One of the girls came out of the dressing room and yelled at him to turn the song off because of the awful and offensive language. It was quite a scene that was heard throughout the club. Even the bartender left her post to make sure everyone was okay. Immediately after, another very familiar song came on. Except for this time, it wasn’t a raunchy rap song from my past… this was a Christian rap song with powerful lyrics. I'm not talking about a praise and worship song; rather, this song was reclaiming ground from the enemy. It's a song declaring the enemy as defeated and commanding him to go. I couldn’t believe my ears as I heard the words “NOT TODAY SATAN! You ain't welcome 'round me” pumping through the speakers of that dimly lit strip club.

As the song continued, the people around me began dancing joyfully and commenting on what a “poppin’” song it was! The whole atmosphere shifted as everyone was visibly overcome with joy as they heard the words of victory "I'm just covered by the blood" It was like the presence of God rushed through the club, and darkness fled. I could feel heaviness lift and see in the spirit as demons scattered. I ran to the DJ booth and asked him, “Did you play this song just for me?” He was excited about my noticing and asked if I knew the song. I told him I knew it well, and it’s such a good song! The DJ told me he had looked it up after I left the booth. To my amazement, God moved in his heart to play a Christian song, and he did! He asked me my name again and told me he always forgets and just calls me “the God girl.” Which, to be honest, I’m fine with either! He thanked me for always coming in and being so nice.

The moment I walked out the club's doors, I couldn't contain myself. My eyes filled with tears as I realized I had just experienced such a bold move. The more amazing thing is that I didn’t have to bring up Christian music or ask for any of this to happen. He initiated the whole interaction! (and, of course, the Holy Spirit). But this just shows that we don't have to go in with an agenda. That just our simple obedience and presence in the club is an act of faith. And FAITH is enough for miracles to happen. Christ shares Himself through our love and commitment to people. My prayer is for everyone that heard the song in the club that night. I stand in authority and declare that place holy ground for God's love and grace to usher in and transform lives. The enemy knows it's time to go. Shame, hate, greed, and pain are not welcome in the lives of our friends at the club. Our friends at the strip club are beautifully loved people created in God's image, and we won't stop until we see His kingdom come.

Even sitting here now, listening to the song, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and awe. These are the moments I can only throw myself at the feet of Jesus in worship and praise of our King. Praise God for the creative artists in His Kingdom. Praise God for Christian rappers. Praise God for the beautiful music His people are making that can easily slip into the secular world and have a mighty impact in the spiritual world!

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