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  • Andrea Lowe

Miami ministry moments 2024

A Volunteer testimony

He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. [Prov. 11:25]

How refreshed my soul has been in joining this team. The morning prayer

and communion times as a team last year commissioned us for our work in

the darkest parts of LA. This year again, as I sat and journaled the

Scriptures spoken and prayed, they have become words of truth I will hold

onto all year long. In the pouring out and refreshing of others, comes a

refreshing and joy in our own soul, over God’s working.

We were given many open doors to share His hope and love and the truth

of the gospel. With each open door on our lanterns, there was an avenue to

share the hope of Jesus.

One in particular, expressing that he did not even want to come there that day.

In his words;

“Your booth is the only wholesome booth here,

and I am enjoying this conversation, can I just stay here a bit and keep talking?”

He had so many questions about God and Jesus and His love, as well as

questions about his own struggle in his flesh with lust. I was amazed at how

a stranger just poured his heart out. Being able to listen and in return,

share the hope and help of the Holy Spirit (our Helper) and sharing my own

testimony of how I had been set free from being a slave of sin to a slave of

righteousness (Romans 6 – 8).

Another after sharing His own pain and abuse, walked over to the lantern to

open the door that read “Redemption”, the card he pulled had the message


“He sees every tear that you have dropped…He knows.”

Immediately he started to weep, I asked him if he would like me to pray for

him and we moved off to the side to pray. He came back to visit the booth a

few more times and each time ask more about the hope that Jesus offers.

I have to mention Sunday, when opening the booth while things were slow,

I began to pray, Lord, who do you want me to see that I may not have

noticed. In turning around my eye caught the woman in the long white

dress. She was the medium and spiritist who had her booth behind us. I

began to pray for her. Within 15 minutes or so, she made her way to me

and asked if I had seen the Satanist who was handing out literature

yesterday. I told her yes, he stopped by our booth. She began to express

how when he sat down beside her

she felt such a dark presence - almost like hell itself!

She reminded me that she was an energy reader and knows

these things. She then continued that she had mentioned to her husband

that in that moment she wanted to run to us for prayer! Bingo! I assured her

that we had prayed over the whole place that morning. She said she would

pass by again later and I encouraged her to come for prayer.

As we reflect on the incredible moments we experienced in Miami, we are reminded of the profound impact our ministry can have on those seeking hope and love. From strangers opening their hearts to us, to powerful encounters with individuals in need of prayer, God's hand was evident in every interaction.

We invite you to join us in this mission by:

1. Pray: Pray for the people we met in Miami, like the man who found solace in our booth, and the woman seeking light amidst darkness. Pray that they continue to feel God’s presence and love in their lives. Pray also for our team, that we remain strong and inspired to continue this important work.

2. Donate: Your financial support allows us to reach more people and share the message of hope and redemption. Donations help us provide materials, maintain our booth, and expand our outreach efforts to other cities.

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