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  • Faith Casey

How Do They Respond?

Our team does outreach in several facets of the commercial sex industry to extend love and grace to those working in every role of the industry. To many in the industry we are known as the "church ladies", the "Jesus people", or the "house moms". In my day to day life people often ask me, "How do they respond to you when you show up in those spaces?" It's a question that always sparks a deep reflection. The responses I've received over time resonate with warmth and gratitude, painting a picture of love and safety in otherwise uncertain surroundings.

I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the impact our presence can have. I remember a woman, her eyes reflecting a mix of pain and resilience, who once confided in me that seeing me there was like a lifeline in her stormy sea. She has since left the industry,and we continue too have a steadfast relationship with her and has reinforced the significance of our presence in offering hope where it's often scarce.

In times when darkness threatens to engulf us, being a beacon of hope and safety becomes not just a choice, but a sacred duty. It's a reminder of the simple yet profound truth: that being a light amidst these places isn't about grand gestures, but about showing up consistently with love in our hearts.

Our message is clear and unwavering: "Jesus loves you, and we love you. We're here to serve you, to remind you of your immeasurable worth." It's a message infused with grace, a recognition of our own imperfections and the boundless grace we've received in return.

So, yes, we're committed to sharing this radical, undeserving love with everyone we encounter, especially those who've been made to feel hopeless.

In a world that often seeks to divide and diminish, we stand firm in our belief that every soul is deserving of redemption and unyielding love. And while we may stumble along the way, our resolve remains unshaken, fueled by the simple yet profound act of showing up and loving relentlessly.

Would you partner with us in sharing this message of hope and love?

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