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Doors Of Opportunity

   We hadn't seen Gordon* at the club in ages. In fact, for the last 8-10 months, we hadn't been welcomed into the club at all. Frankly, we had to fight off the discouragement. God, we know you called us here and we know it was you who opened the door to us, in dramatic fashion no why is the door closed now? Still, we showed up consistently, handed off cookies or supply bags depending on the week and brief notes of encouragement with our card and we prayed...a lot. This week though, as we walked up to the door, a familiar face greeted us. He broke into a big smile. 

     "Gordon! Oh my word, it's so good to see you! We've missed you." We shared a hug. His schedule had changed so he didn't work any more on the night we usually show up. "My girl and I have been trying to get back to church - do you know of any good ones near me?" And then, "I want to ask you about something. I want to do some kind of service project or something with the girls here. I think they'd really love it - some way to give back during the holidays. Could we do something like that with you? Could you help us figure it out?"

     Meanwhile, while Gordon and one team member had this conversation outside, our other team member was nonchalantly welcomed inside for the first time in months. What was happening?! We connected and reconnected with a number of folks that night who welcomed us in with hugs and excitement. Even after almost a year out of the physical club, God had kept the relationships fresh and the connections strong, and we were reminded that God is always on the move, even when we can't see it.

If you believe the heart of Jesus eagerly extends to the beloved ones in the sex industry who bear God's image - and if you want to see God continue to make inroads for transformational love and friendship in Seattle's clubs, please consider a financial gift to support our work. God has called people to commit time and energy to this ministry and has given us vision for discipleship in particular, and those things can only flourish with your support.

*name changed for privacy

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