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  • Vivian Igunbor

Breaking Traps & Strongholds

In a recent outreach, Jesus shifted my perspective and opened my heart to have a deeper level of love and compassion for His people. I met a woman who began to share her story with me. She shared about having a teenage son, and she was working at the club to make money to support herself and her son. When she first saw us that night, her face lit up, and she smiled. She mentioned that she looked forward to seeing us during the week because of the love and joy that we bring. As she continued talking, it became evident that she didn’t want to do this work and would leave if she could. She feels trapped. She communicated that she knows God and His love for her. I could see that she was longing for something more for herself. At that moment, I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to speak His words of truth into her. I told her that God is always present with her, and there was nothing she could do to separate herself from God’s love. I told her that God wanted to give her a future and hope in abundant life as she surrendered her life to Him. Her tears began to flow as her heart softened to receive God’s truth as we continued talking. I could see her spiritual battle of wanting a personal relationship with God, but the enemy still had a stronghold over her. I could also see a seed of faith planted in her heart, and through the Holy Spirit, it was being watered. Pray with me as I continue to build a relationship with her and pour God’s love and truth into her. God is doing a mighty work, and strongholds are being broken with the tenderness of God’s love and truth.

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