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  • Jeannie Stillwell

Baking with Love

Thank you for asking me to share my testimony, walk with our Lord, and our role in Light and Love Ministry. When I say "our," I include my husband, Jack. My first remembrance of our Heavenly Father was seven years old. My nine-year-old brother, Richard, asked me if I would go to Church with him after Sunday School. He said we should bring our Bibles and sit in the front row so we could see. It must have been an adorable site to see. Our parents ensured we went to Sunday School and Vacation Bible School but never went with us. Seventy-eight years later, our parents passed, and Richard is still my best friend. I have had the most fantastic walk with our Father throughout my life. Never have I had a partner/husband like Jack. We have been together for 17 years and married 7. Jack loves Jesus as I do, and together have the most fantastic relationship with our Father, and it is growing. About five years ago, we both were baptized at the same time. A day I will never forget. We chose Awakening Church to be our Church home and Love and Light to be one of the Non-profits we volunteer with our time and money. We love our Church. In our incredible Pastor's messages and Women's Bible Study, we are learning how to pray effectively and understand the meaning of the Bible. Light of Love Ministry is a Team of Christian women who goes to strip clubs and with women of human trafficking. Many women have gone through an immense healing journey and are now feeling God's love. These amazing women led many to God and out of human trafficking. Light of Love is a non-profit that touches many hearts, and WE wanted to be a part. Every night before we go to bed, we ask ourselves, "Have I done any good in the world today?" Supporting this work is an easy way to fall asleep with a solid "yes" to that question and a smile on our faces. Our part currently is making homemade chocolate chip cookies that are super yummy! We wrap them in twos with love and understanding and deliver them to those remarkable women. We want them to know how difficult life can be, but there is a way out. We can all make the slightest difference in the lives of others, and doing this can mean a world of change.

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