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Welcome to Light of Love, where we passionately believe in reaching out to people in the sex industry right where they are, with unwavering consistency.


Our approach to outreach is deeply rooted in our faith and understanding of God's nature as a "pursuant God." Just as He comes for us, searches us out, and loves us unconditionally, we strive to embody that same relentless pursuit in our interactions with those in the sex industry.


We firmly believe that the character and nature of God is one of steadfast pursuit, never ceasing in His love for all individuals. And it's this belief that drives us to consistently show up for them, never stopping and never giving up on them.


At Light of Love, we have developed a range of outreach programs tailored to intersect and interact with as many people in our city who are involved in the sex industry. These programs are designed to provide support, resources, and above all, a sense of hope and love.


Join us in our mission to be a beacon of light and love in the lives of people in the sex industry. Together, we can make a difference and shine the light of God's love into their lives.


Thank you for supporting Light of Love and our commitment to reaching out with compassion, consistency, and unwavering love.

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