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At Light of Love, everything starts with outreach and relationship. Outreaches and outreach partnerships allow us to meet women and children where they are, intervene at their hardest moments and begin to build trust. Outreach is not an afterthought for us, but a cornerstone of our ministry.

We believe that the only way to reach women in the sex industry is to show up where they are, in their midst, in their lowest moments, and to do that consistently. We believe that outreach actually is a physical representation of God’s nature as a “pursuant God”, a God who comes for us, searches us out and loves us while we are “yet sinners”.

We believe that the character and nature of God is to pursue the broken faithfully and consistently, never stopping and never giving up.

Light of Love has many outreaches and that are designed to intersect and interact with as many women and children in our city experiencing exploitation and trafficking.

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